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Mike Filsaime’s “Evergreen Business System” – A Webinar Spoofing system?

Recently, Mike Filsaime began promoting his “Evergreen Business System” http://evergreenbusinesssystem.com/go/video-1/. The video is informative and has some good insights into the business from an experienced pro. But…

Joel McDonald asked people on his list for feedback on what they thought of this. I’m all for webinars, but here is what I wrote back to him.

What Mike Filsaime shared was somewhat similar to what Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos presented in their “Webinar Legend” courseĀ  that I took from them recently (affiliate link because I loved the course!), except Filsaime is adding in the automated webinar approach. Fladlien and Mattos mostly touched upon the content being stellar and how to perform transitions and closes effectively.

I still think that only live webinars will or can have the impact of bonding people as real followers to you. I think that the free info would have to be far more incredible for automated replays to be as effective.

For one thing, you lose the power of “touch” that you have in a live presentation when you answer a person’s questions directly live right when they are asking those questions. That immediacy is priceless. Calling people out by their first name who are actually on the call to comment on their comments is priceless. Getting live responses to surveys is priceless, as viewers know their input was part of the result. It is not a spectator sport – it is participatory.

The pros were outlined well by Filsaime in his video, but the cons have not been, and personally I think the cons outweigh the pros.

Anyone is privy to watching replays of most webinars by merely signing-up – most marketers send out the email with the replay links as soon as those are made available. So, what’s the point of paying for this automation and faking some “event” flash and hype when the recording is available anyway? Why build scarcity into the availability of a replay?

I just saw Tim Castleman send out an email featuring the replays of the last three webinars he hosted. I never understood why people didn’t send out “featured replays” emails more often – the “time-shifted” effect then is totally honest, and people know they are not at a live “event” or whatever Filsaime would have you couch it in. They are aware they are watching a recording. They still can be afforded a simple feedback system (either contact form or via comments) to ask questions that can be then handled personally by the presenter(s). That allows an opportunity for the human contact element to be included as part of an openly recorded presentation.

Since everyone I’ve heard teach lately has emphasized the importance of “touch” and of developing real and lasting relationships, it is a little surprising to me to see Filsaime and others promoting a system that moves one away from that into a more robotic, automated system, no matter how convenient it may be. That said, if there is a mix of both live and of recorded/replayed/automated webinars, perhaps the energy from the replays and automated ones could drive more people to attend the live ones.

Of course, to me, calling this an “event” is all just so much propped up bullshit anyway, and could only harm the trust element, not help it, in my opinion.

I think it is worth continuing to chew over, but certainly this cannot replace live “events”. (The real kind where you actually show up!)

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Using Pixlr.com To Create Quick Images for AdWords Display Network ads, Banner Ads, Etc.
Using Pixlr.com To Create Quick Images for AdWords Display Network ads, Banner Ads, Etc.

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