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My name is Terry Leigh Britton, and I am the owner of this website that I created so that I could do several things:

  1. Share my Internet marketing (IM) discoveries, realizations, secrets and stories with you.
  2. Supply links to videos and articles I have created with helpful advice for newbie and seasoned pros alike.
  3. Have a central place where all of my products for sale can appear and my membership sites can be hosted from.

I hail from Ridgefield, Connecticut where I grew up with a very happy childhood with some of the best people one could ever ask for as friends and supporters, both young and old. I took to the woods more than did most of my peers with my terrific brother, Tom, and equally terrific neighbor, Royal Fish and his younger brother Randy, and enjoyed helping to take care of my three half-sisters (who began to arrive on the scene when I turned 8), Sarah, Ruth and Laura Stabell. I’m now living in beautiful Elizabeth City, North Carolina. (This is one beautiful state, let me tell you!)

I have survived the death-threat of Hepatitis-C, being progressively ill for six years and being cured in 2001 after a year and a half of treatment using a therapy called REBETOL (ribavirin, USP combined with interferon) made by Shering Plough Pharmaceuticals, whose “Commitment to Care” ¬†(PDF Download)¬†program made the therapy available to me FOR FREE a full 13 months before it was covered by Medicaid! I was completely bedridden with the disease for three years before starting the therapy, and fully thought I was on my deathbed – but now I am completely cured instead, without a trace of the disease left in my system. Life, by the way, is grand! I offer some support to others going through hepatitis-C or other life-threatening illnesses via my new site, http://hepcsurvivors.com.

After my successful treatment and recovery from Hepatits-C, I returned to college at Forsyth Technical Community College and received an associates degree in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology. In an unusual situation, I became a full-time college professor teaching with my former professor after graduating, and taught Printing skills and Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, GoLive (now Adobe’s Dreamweaver) and Illustrator along with some Quark Express for just under six years. I am still sharing my Photoshop expertise at my tutorial site, http://terrybritton.com.

I am a writer and musician since the age of 15, schooled in Electronic Music composition by Jay Jaroslav at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and still do some composing and writing. You’ll find my creative outpourings in those veins at my website, http://messagesofhope.net.

I discovered Internet Marketing in October of 2009 and have been hooked ever since. The greatest help in my getting started came initially from my involvement with the Chris Farrell Membership website, which I still subscribe to today and which – at a mere $27 per month price – has remained an ongoing inspiration. You can join his site for an introductory rate of only $4.95 for the first month using my affiliate link found at http://wenetmarket.com.

Through Chris Farrell, I discovered another terrific gem by the name of Kim Roach, whose own membership site kept me in the ballgame for several months. Her site is at http://www.superaffiliateclub.com. I am not an affiliate of hers, but I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Another tremendous influence has been James Jones from Charlotte, NC whose product, “Micronichefinder” I have NOT purchased (YET!), but which is definitely an excellent product. (I produce my own products mostly, so niche marketing has not been an area I have explored quite yet)

James has introduced me to many excellent teachers through his free, always live webinars, especially Mr. Jason Fladlien, though all have been truly terrific. James hosts excellent webinars (all LIVE – not just rolling pre-recorded stuff – and always the recording is made of the webinar and shared for free with everyone on James’ mailing list – so I advise you to go to http://micronichefinder.com and sign up for James Jones’ mailing list no matter what!!)

I cannot recommend highly enough Jason Fladlien’s excellent copywriting course! (I’ll let you know when that becomes available again – it is offered at semi-regular intervals of several months apart.) I’ve also taken Jason’s $97 “Profit Equation” course which includes several terrific bonuses (like the “poor man’s product launch!) I’ll be listing the products I have actually taken or know are good ones – like everything from Jason Fladlien!!! – because I have become an affiliate for his sales program. He is another person who ALWAYS delivers and then OVER-delivers! If you’d like to become an affiliate of his, use my referral link here to do so! https://fladlien.infusionsoft.com/go/mst2tier/tbritton

I hope you find everything that I offer of value to your own life, and if I can help you directly in any way, please do not hesitate to email me at tbritton@gmail.com.

Terry Leigh Britton