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A nice $5 course on using Fiverr.com

This great little $5 offer by Eric Holmlund of “Eric’s Tips” is a steal of a deal.

If you think products in the Internet marketing world are over-priced, you’ll like this.

This is for real – you can grab Eric’s newest product for about the price of a large (venti) drink at Starbucks:

Get the details here…

You’ll notice that it’s not Eric talking on the video. There’s a reason for that, and it is revealed toward the end of the 5-minute video.

I should also mention that if you grab this product, you can become a reseller and make 100% commissions on it too! I bought it, I liked it, and yes, this is an affiliate link.

His tips on how to USE Fiverr.com freelancers are perhaps more valuable than the tips he gives on doing freelancing! Well written content, and a nice little bonus for newcomers is included as well, as of this writing.




Kim Roach Marketer Extraordinaire!

Kim Roach CaricatureKim Roach’s excellent resources at http://buzzblogger.com and her membership site http://superaffiliateclub.com are two of the most valuable resources I’ve found on the web for both new and advanced internet marketers. Her warmth and honesty combined with stellar ethics and sense of purpose make her one of the most dependable, reliable and trustworthy mentors on the web (along with a very short list of others I would recommend, such as Chris Farrell, James Jones of MicroNicheFinder fame, and Jason Fladlien). Please take some time to look into her offerings and attend any of her free webinars that you can!

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